Sunday, December 8, 2019

Current Gap in Corporate Governance Issue-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Write a research Proposal based on Current Gap in Corporate Governance Issue. Answer: The topic under consideration is the compilation of issue identified in the corporate governance: Research Topic: A critical analysis of gender diversity in corporate governance and structure of board composition- How important is the impact of female representation for good corporate governance exercises? Explanation of the topic: In itself, diversity in the workforce can be considered to be a topic of major interest in various forms of business concerns, across diverse sectors of the economy. Also, gender diversity in particularly the board of directors can be considered to be an important matter of concern in the area of corporate governance (Adams et al., 2015). The current paper intends to analytically examine the impact of gender diversity in board across three different functions of the board that includes monitoring, development of strategic direction as well as the relational function (Adams et al., 2015). This study has the aim to examine the way gender balanced board; perceptions related to female leadership style can help in augmentation of overall effectiveness of the board across mainly three different roles. In this case, the core argument in this research study is that the board diversity plays an important role owing to specific indications it conveys to long term, risk averse corporate stakeho lders. Essentially, these signals or in other words indications are primarily founded on specific features related to female leadership style. Essentially, women are perceived to be more thorough in undertaking their tasks, more risk averse in the areas of investing assets and for investing on behalf of others as well (Tricker Tricker, 2015) References Adams, R. B., Haan, J., Terjesen, S., Ees, H. (2015). Board diversity: Moving the field forward.Corporate Governance: An International Review,23(2), 77-82. Tricker, R. B., Tricker, R. I. (2015).Corporate governance: Principles, policies, and practices. Oxford University Press, USA.

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