Tuesday, February 18, 2020


SHOULD ETHANOL BE REQUIRED IN GASOLINE - Research Paper Example Since last two three decades scientists, however, have been expressing their concerns over the over use of fossil fuels. Since coal, gas or natural energies are non-renewable and over the year’s excessive use of these fuels have caused huge depletion of these, this golden age of fossil fuel power can not run for long. Time has come to seriously think upon alternative sources of energy for the future as possession of huge amount of energy is a requisite for any kind of human civilization. Looking at the depletion rate of fossil fuels it has become quite evident that future will embrace renewable sources of energies to keep the high pace of development of human civilization. Being environment friendly these energy sources will also be able to provide mankind with a more pleasant and safe environment to live in. Here comes the importance of ethanol as it is a renewable fuel. Ethanol can be produced from various kinds of agricultural feeds like sugarcane, agricultural residues, an d wastes of forestry wood. However, sometimes, it is also produced chemically from chemical components like ethane or ethylene. (Onursal and Gautam, 1997; Srinivasan and Saravanan, 2010) The molecular structure of ethanol comprises of C, H and O and it is chemically known as C2 H5 OH. Ethane has very well defined chemical as well as physical properties. Ethanol has the capacity to be used as fuel for transportation purposes in its original form. It is also quite able to get blended easily fossil fuels like gasoline. Today, many cars are no longer using pure gasoline as the source of energy, but they are using a blend of ethanol and gasoline. (Onursal and Gautam, 1997) Currently, the interest in using ethanol as an alternative fuel option has increased significantly. As a result production of ethanol is also taking at a faster pace than before. At present, most of the ethanol is being produced from renewable stocks for minimizing CO2 emissions in the air. CO2 is greenhouse gas that i s responsible for global warming. The addition of ethanol to gasoline helps in the increase of the octane number in the blended fuel form and produces some changes in the distillation temperature. (Onursal and Gautam, 1997) Although addition of ethanol to gasoline is being increasingly considered to be an alternative of pure gasoline, there are some arguments against having ethanol in gasoline. In the presence of widespread debate regarding the use of ethanol in gasoline, the purpose of this study is to find out whether it should be right to use ethanol in gasoline. Thus the thesis statement of this paper can be presented as follows: Ethanol should be used as an alternative fuel option and it should be there in gasoline in appropriate proportion. Here some efforts will be made to check the cases for and against having ethanol in gasoline. On the basis of the findings, a conclusion will be made with respect to the thesis statement of this paper. (Onursal and Gautam, 1997) Arguments f or having ethanol in gasoline In near future fossil fuels will no longer rule the energy sector of the world given the alarmingly fast rate of their depletion. The golden age of fossil fuels will come to an end very soon and different sorts of other power sources, particularly renewable sources, will replace fossil fuels and also play an important role in making the environment more clear. Alcohol like ethanol has some advantages in their use as an energy source over

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